05/24/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Google's Census 2010 Participation Map Tracks Replies In Near Real-Time (PICTURE)

Google is launching a new feature that will allow you to track Census 2010 participation rates in near real-time.

Google announced the interactive tool, which is available on Google Earth, on its official blog:

To keep up with all this interest, the Census Bureau is providing daily updates on the participation rate by state, county, and census tract — well over 100,000 distinct geographical entities throughout the 50 states and Puerto Rico. To make this huge amount of data easy to browse, for the first time the Census is plotting it with Google Maps. Check out the Take 10 Map for yourself. What you’ll see is a basic accounting of the percentage of forms that have been received back by region (not by household). None of the results of the survey are shown — that data is not revealed at the household level, and aggregate data won’t be made available for several months.

See a screenshot from Google Earth's 2010 Census participation map below.

Check out the Google 2010 Census map here.