05/24/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Ride Out The Age Of Socialized Medicine In This Utah Bunker!

Now that we have entered the final days of pre-health care reform American freedom, enterprising socialism-avoiders may be looking for a reasonably priced doom chamber to ride out the End Times. That's why, in the name of service journalism, I'm here to get everyone excited about this wonderful property in the middle of the Utah nowhere that makes for a great starter bunker for the budding survivalist:

This was a bunker, supposedly built during the cold war, it is unique in that it is above ground. This property is located in a very remote; surrounded by BLM land for many miles.

It is the only private land for 12 miles. There are hidden caves which I will show to the new owner. These caves have not likely seen any humans besides myself and my boys.

The property comes with 2.3 acre feet of water, which needs to be drilled, but we have three thousand gallons of storage. We collect the rain and snow runoff from our roofs and that provides us with ample water for the year and then some. There are also a couple hundred thousand gallons stored very close which I will discuss with the new owner as well.

Yeah, you probably never imagined yourself spending your days harvesting roof-runoff for potable drinking water, but on the other hand: SECRET HIDDEN CAVES!

The property has "no real garage" but does include something called a "biolet" for you to poop in! Property taxes are only $430 annually because the property is only an acre of land, but remember, it's the only private property in the middle of a vast space owned by the Bureau of Land Management. That means it feels like a whole lot more, and the isolation apparently comes with perks:

It feels like so much more property because the BLM land goes on and on. Step outside the front door and you can fire a pistol, throw knives, strip naked, whatever!

So, obviously, you will have to outbid Eric Massa for this property.

[h/t: Boing Boing]

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