05/31/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Halter Radio Ad, Set To Smooth Jazz, Hits Lincoln On Health Care

UPDATE: Sen. Blanche Lincoln is up with her own radio ad, to be broadcast on black radio, in which she asserts that she "stood with our president to pass healthcare reform," Politico's Jonathan Martin reports. Lincoln's statement is somewhat dubious because although she voted "yes" on health care reform last year, she did not support the Senate reconciliation bill last month. Lincoln ends some of the ads with a now-familiar line of her campaign: "I don't answer to my party. I answer to Arkansas."

Arkansas Lt. Gov Bill Halter is up with a new radio ad in his primary contest against Sen. Blanche Lincoln, once again hitting the incumbent for her stance during the health care reform debate and the donations she's taken from private insurance and pharmaceutical interests.

Set to some curiously smooth jazz music, the spot seems tailor-made for the progressive community that soured sharply on Lincoln as she played the role of skeptic and foil during the health care reform process.

"She didn't stand up to the special interests," the ad goes. "She worked for them. She sided with those Republicans who tried to kill President Obama's reforms, unless insurance company profits were protected. Insurance companies and HMOs rewarded Lincoln with more than $800,000 in campaign cash. She got more than $350,000 from drug companies, then voted against President Obama's plan to lower prescription costs for seniors."

The ad also touts what has quickly become Halter's trademark legislative achievement: his organization of a free health clinic in Arkansas that not only provided needed medical services in the state but also launched Halter into the media spotlight.

The ad is targeted to black audiences, with the Halter campaign telling the Huffington Post that it will air on African-American radio to match a separate Lincoln ad.