06/02/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Stewart Slams CNN For Hiring Erick Erickson (VIDEO)

Desperate to compete with their more partisan competition, CNN has hired inflammatory blogger, Erick Erickson (or "Erick, son of Erick"). What troubled Jon Stewart the most was that CNN acted like they didn't realize that Erickson's bread and butter was making outrageous, over the top claims.

Stewart recapped these statements, which include calling Michelle Obama Barack's "Marxist happy wife" and David Souter a "goat f--king child molester," and then went off:

"CNN, what are you doing? Only CNN could hire a guy whose entire resume is incendiary partisan rhetoric and then act like that's the part of him they don't like. CNN's like the guy at the strip club who says, 'I'm gonna hang out but I'm not gonna get a lap dance. I'm here for the buffet.'"