06/13/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Earth Day Obama Style: How The White House Wants You To Get Involved

The Obama White House has placed a great emphasis on environmental sustainability and green jobs -- with Earth Day just a week away, President Obama has recorded a message to encourage Americans to alter their lifestyles to be more energy efficient, and to send their Earth Day stories to the White House.

In the video, Obama reaffirms his belief that the actions of ordinary Americans are more important than legislation.

"I want you to take action," he says, "in your home or your community, at your school or your business, to improve our environment. It can be as simple as riding the bus or the subway to work, making your home more energy efficient, or organizing your neighbors to clean up a nearby park."


Readers at can find Earth Day service projects in local communities, learn about the Administration's proposal for the creation of a clean energy economy, and share stories about their Earth Day experiences.

Among the suggestions they give for taking action on Earth Day: taking showers instead of baths, use chemicals safely, recycle electronics and teach others are actions to take.