06/13/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Creative Distribution: The Lobster Roll "Pusher Man"

A Cambridge native whose granddad once served as head of Mass. fisheries, LPM's a veteran East Coast surfer and underground seafood radio-show host who started pushing lobster weight out of his basement after guests at his Greenpoint chowder club expressed a yen for heartier fare; too much press brought in the Fire Dept (boo, media), so now LPM's adopted a covert alter-ego (see above), and devised a Wire-like, two-prong plan for turning NYers into desperate crackstacean-heads.

The latest/greatest innovation's having "affiliates" take over actual street corners, where they'll surreptitiously pass product only to those who are down; the other method, which now covers Manhattan, involves rolls whisked via Vespa to wherever you are: out front of your apt., a bar, "by a maroon Fiero", or, if you're being honest, "by my maroon Fiero".

The rolls themselves use 2lb-max Maine lobsters...

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