06/14/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Jon Gosselin DEFENDS Kate On Twitter

Jon Gosselin does not tweet frequently (and sometimes signs his name when he does), but he took to Twitter Wednesday to defend his ex-wife Kate, whom he is suing for custody of their eight children.

"Kate and I were doing what was best for our family. And it gave us an opportunity to spend quality family time together. Jon Gosselin," he tweeted of the family's time on 'Jon & Kate Plus 8.'

Wednesday morning Kate's brother, Kevin Kreider, and his wife, Jodi, testified at a Pennsylvania child labor hearing that the Gosselin kids suffered psychological damage as a result of the show. They said the kids had no privacy during taping and were manipulated by TLC producers who wanted drama. Jon disagrees.

"The allegations made today by Kevin and Jodi Kreider have not been my experience at all during the production of 'Jon & Kate plus8,'" Jon tweeted.

Kate also defended supporting her family through reality television, calling it her only option Wednesday on the Today show.