06/15/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'South Park''s 200th Episode: Every Mocked Celeb Strikes Back (VIDEO)

For die hard fans of "South Park," watching the 200th episode last night was kind of like reading a yearbook, or playing "Where's Waldo" when you know everyone in the crowd. The boys are faced with a class action lawsuit by Tom Cruise after they call him a fudge-packer (upon seeing him working in a fudge factory, of course). Tired of the slander the town has caused him over the years, Cruise rounds up every celebrity who has ever been mocked on the show - one celebrity for every episode of "South Park" ever aired. It will definitely take a few watches to catch every one.

Fans also saw the return of Mitch Conner (the hardened con-man who impersonates Jennifer Lopez on Cartman's hand), the recently scorned "gingers," and "Mecha-Streisand" (the Barbara Streisand-turned-giant-robot-dinosaur from the show's first season). All in all it was pretty epic. A large part of the show dealt with Comedy Central's 2006 censorship of an episode that aimed to show an image of the prophet Muhammad, who you can see in one of the clips below dressed as a goofy bear mascot. It all ends with a giant cliffhanger with the fate of South Park and even the identity of Cartman's father hanging in the balance. Although there's no "To Be Continued" after the abrupt ending, we can't wait to see if and how Matt and Trey will tie up the loose ends in the next week's episode.