06/21/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

'Cameron Girls' Sing To Tory Candidate (VIDEO)

David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party and British prime minister candidate, has inspired a pop tribute - the 'Cameron Girls.'

While American audiences may be reminded of the "Obama Girl," the internet video sensation that went someway to establishing Obama reputation as a bit of a hunk, this screeching, low-budget pop song has left British audiences scratching their heads.

"Utter vomit," said one YouTube commenter.

"This may be just a laugh but I still find it very disturbing..." said another.

Conservative Party HQ has denied any involvement, but the song's apparently clueless embrace of British street culture evokes many criticisms of Cameron's campaign.

The duo behind the video responded to the New York Times Lede Blog's request for explanation:

Conspiracy? Absolutely not! "The Cameron Girls" (one Conservative, one Liberal Democrat) is a comedy video filmed and supported by a plethora of people with various political allegiances. The cost of this epic production was approximately £200 (including our website). There had been talk about making three videos (one for each political party) -- but we were short of both time and money.[...]

The purpose of this activity was to bring some comedy and positivity into politics which, as you may know, has been marked by sleaze and aggression. There is nothing in our production which undermines this message. We had great fun and are happy that it has been shared by so many YouTube viewers -- although puzzled that so many people took it quite so seriously! We have been quite astounded by the level of interest in our story. Clearly the political classes were short on entertainment in this election.

WATCH for yourself: