06/21/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Evan Lysacek Praises FlexJet Private Jets -- Without Mentioning Sponsorship

Evan Lysacek has a bizarre penchant for gushing about his air travel experiences. On April 14 he remarked on the "gorgeous" airplane in which he was "relaxing." Hours earlier he described it as a "most beautiful" aircraft that "smells like brand new." This afternoon he tweeted that he is "so excited" to ride a "beautiful" plane.

Of course, the Olympic gold medalist never forgets to mention the company whose planes he so admires. The effusive tweets always mention FlexJet, a private jet company with which the figure skater has a "corporate relationship."

It is not clear whether FlexJet pays Lysacek, but an April 14 press release calls the company his "official private jet sponsor." FlexJet provides Lysacek with "private aviation services when traveling to hard-to-reach destinations."

In exchange, Lyacek's 46,000+ Twitter followers regularly see lavishly positive tweets about the company -- with no apparent disclosure of their arrangement. Scroll down to see what he has written about FlexJet.

On the most beautiful FlexJet plane. Smells like brand new. About to take off for New Hampshire.

Life's good! I'm on a Flexjet private jet, flying to my next Stars show. On a gorgeous Challenger 300-relaxing on this trip will be easy!

I'm so excited for my FlexJet flight tonight. Looking forward to some restful sleep on board one of their beautiful planes.