06/21/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Garance Dore Sets The Record Straight On Plus-Size Model Comments

Style blogger Garance Doré inadvertently caused a mini-controversy online this week after she was quoted as telling SkyNews:

  • "I think it's too much and almost naive of the fashion industry, because it would be nice in a few years that the idea of different body shapes is normal, but right now it's not quite there yet."
  • "It should not be such a big deal to show women with different bodies, but sometimes it's treated like a bit of joke, or for shock, like the plus-size models on the runway in the UK fashion week."
  • "It's not such a good thing to show plus-size because it's not really physically healthy and not always flattering to fashion."

But we contacted Doré to have her set the record straight. Here's what she told us:

I never said that plus-size models are unhealthy. That would be totally stupid of me. To me, they represent the diversity of women's bodies, and what I said is that I will be happy to see them on a runway on a regular basis, just mixed [in with regular models] and not [walking] all together at the same time.

But I also think that if things like V Mag or the Mark Fast show contribute to making people more tolerant and the fashion industry more open to that, then it's just great and a good sign for the future.

I, myself, am not a model at all, and I have always said that I like my curves.

Anything else?

"Oh yes!" Garance added. "I think Crystal Renn is absolutely gorgeous. I would love to photograph her."