06/21/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Map Of A Tweet Takes You Inside Twitter Posts (PICTURE)

A fascinating diagram from Twitter's Raffi Krikorian (via ReadWriteWeb) takes you inside a tweet.

The detailed image reveals how much more there is to our 'micro-blog' posts than a mere 140 characters.

As Krikorian's 'map of a tweet' shows, a host of data is included with each Twitter post, such as the application that sent the tweet, the place associated with the tweet, the user's number of 'favorites,' and more.

Twitter has announced that it will introduce as new feature called 'annotations' that will allow developers to include even more information.

ReadWriteWeb explains,

With annotations, third-party Twitter developers can add any additional metadata to a Twitter post. That's right, any data. And a tweet can have more than one annotation attached to it. This extra data will initially start off small - Twitter developer Marcel Molina said it will "probably" be around 512 bytes. But over time, it will gradually grow larger as Twitter rolls out the feature and scales up in order to support it. The company hopes to have it end up "around 2K," says Molina. How developers use that extra space is entirely up to them - there can be one giant piece of extra data attached to a tweet or a thousand tiny ones.