06/22/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Jane Norton And Josh Penry: 'Who Should Be The Candidate And Who Should Be The Staffer?'

In a Thursday blog post Public Policy Polling (PPP) pondered the effects of Jane Norton's shocking hire of Senate Minority Leader Josh Penry as campaign manager.

PPP points out that their polling--mostly conducted before Penry dropped out of the Governor's race in November--indicates that he is a more popular statewide figure than his new boss.

Polling on Norton from last month shows that she has roughly the same favorability rating as Penry did last summer, only with a much higher percentage of respondents reporting an unfavorable opinion of her.

Penry is also more well-liked by Republicans, with only 7% saying they dislike him compared with 24% for Norton.

The numbers led PPP to ask the question: "Who should be the candidate and who should be the staffer?"

As the Denver Post points out, the Norton campaign has planned a series of events throughout the state featuring both the candidate and the campaign manager.