06/24/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

U Of Conn Spring Weekend: 39 Arrested For Criminal Offenses

The University of Connecticut-Storrs' Spring Weekend brought out 12,000 revelers yesterday, 39 of whom were arrested for offenses ranging from drugs to weapons.

WTIC 1080 has more:

University police made 34 criminal arrests; State Police made five criminal arrests, said authorities. The charges included criminal trespass, narcotics offenses, weapons offenses, interfering with police, and breach of peace. Police say non-UConn students accounted for a majority of the arrests.

According to U Conn's student paper, The Daily Campus, the party was densely populated, and scrapes with the law began early.

Students, clumped by the hundreds, stood in the dark on the small road between the apartments. Most students were holding bottles or cans. Some were yelling on their cell phones, some were spiritedly shouting UConn cheers and some were hopelessly searching for their lost companions, panic on their bleary faces. Students were laughing, dancing, crying, arguing and texting.

According to Mansfield Deputy Fire Chief William Jordan, two students had already obtained injuries from broken glass before 10 p.m. Six ambulances were by the entrance of Carriage House Apartments and 78 medical and fire officials were on the scene, Jordan said.

"As the night goes on, we see a lot of alcohol-related injuries," Jordan said.