06/27/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

GOP Calls Obama's Midwest Trip A 'Jobless Tour' In New Ad (VIDEO)

The RNC launched a new ad Monday mocking Obama's ongoing "Main Street tour" as a "jobless tour."

In the video, entitled "Mr. Obama's Wild Ride," a guffawing Obama bounces around the country in a Cruella de Vil-inspired automobile, visiting states that have all experienced growing unemployment rates in recent years.

"Americans don't want another PR tour, they need jobs and want to see the economy improve," said an RNC spokeswoman, according to The Hill. "They are upset with Obama's binge spending agenda that has done nothing but hurt the taxpayers he claims to help."

Obama is set to visit Iowa today on a trip that will forgo meetings with Democratic politicians in place of interactions with everyday Iowans: factory workers, farmers and citizens.

"He's filled his tank with your tax dollars, and [is] flooring it until it runs on empty," the ad says.

Watch the ad: