06/29/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Bill Brady Plugs Family Business, Brady Homes, At Republican Luncheon (VIDEO)

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady is willing to lay a lot on the line for his business.

In the past week, he has taken steady criticism over his decision to release his 2009 tax returns for only three hours, not allowing the media to make copies or further scrutinize the documents. The reason for his protecting the documents? Protecting his family business, Brady Homes, as he explained at a luncheon on Thursday.

The Chicago Tribune reports:

"I have business partners. We're in a retail business. We're in a business where we sit down and we try to sell a home to people, and I don't feel it's proper that my competitors should have a copy of my tax returns that they're going to show people when we're negotiating about whether or not we're going to build them a home or not," Brady said.

At the same luncheon, he made a joking plug for the construction company he runs. (Scroll down for video from The Capitol Fax.)

The business could use all the help it can get: losses from Brady Homes enabled the state senator to pay no federal income tax and limited state tax over the last two years.

Watch CapFax's video of Brady's plug: