06/30/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Charlie Crist's Florida Ballot Problem

As if Charlie Crist didn't already have enough problems with all of his former friends referring to him as history's greatest monster and asking for their money back, it turns out that because he has decided to run as an "NPA" -- or "no party affiliation" -- candidate for the Senate, his name will be "buried" on the Florida ballot. But it's okay, right, because Florida ballots have this great reputation for being clear and comprehensible?

CNN reports:

According to the Florida Secretary of State's office, the order that candidates are listed on the state's ballot is predetermined by law. The winner of the Republican primary will receive top billing, followed by the winner of the Democratic primary and then any candidates who have qualified to run as members of Florida's more than 30 registered "minor parties." These candidates are listed in the order in which they qualified for the ballot.

Last on the ballot, also listed in the order that they qualified, are candidates running without party affiliation - listed as NPA. This is where Crist's name will appear.

So, basically, first there will be Marco Rubio's name, and then Kendrick Meek, followed by the names of the people running in the "Everglade Meth Party" and the "Gator Rasslin' Party" and the cast of "CSI: Miami," and then, at the bottom will be Charlie Crist of the fightin' NPAs. And that's basically how Pat Buchanan suddenly became a huge contender in the Florida Senate race.

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