06/30/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Google, Disney, FBI Top Graduates' List Of 'Dream Employers'

Employers, take note: If you want to attract fresh-faced college grads to your company, try to be "cool." (And offer free stuff.)

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, nearly a third of the 57,000 undergraduates polled by research firm Universum USA ranked a potential employer's market success as its most "important attribute." From there, "attractive and exciting products and services" and a learning-conducive environment followed.

The survey also asked students to identify their "dream employers." Businessweek has more:

Well-known organizations such as Google Inc., Walt Disney Co., the FBI, Apple Inc. and Ernst & Young round out the top five ideal employers in the 2010 survey, with Google taking the top spot for the fourth consecutive year. "The surprise is that there were (no surprises)," says [Universum Vice President for Employer Branding Camille] Kelly. "When you look at the top 10 employers, there weren't any major jumps."

The common thread, she says, is that these companies have lots of market success, and students seek employers that either offer learning opportunities, cool products or services, or an environment that will allow them to flourish.

Despite the Millenial generation's reputation for desiring altruistic, environmentally friendly work, the survey indicates that yearning fades when it comes to pulling in a paycheck. The percentage of students who said they valued high ethical standards in a company dropped from 37 to 27 percent.

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What do you think? Who is your dream employer?