07/04/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Jennifer Lopez In 'Marie Claire UK': Talks Her Diet, Exes Affleck & Diddy

Jennifer Lopez wears nothing but a blanket and head wrap in the new Marie Claire UK and in the interview she talks about what she eats, her kids, her love life and her new movie, 'The Backup Plan.' Here are some excerpts.

On her diet:
"Just like anybody, I try to watch what I eat. There's no big science to it, which is what sucks. One good trick is to have a goal - for me it may be getting in shape for a video shoot. Another is portion control. I love to eat everything and you pretty much can - a little piece of something fattening is not going to kill you. It's when you eat the whole box that it's going to kill you."

On her exes Ben Affleck and Diddy:
"Would I see a movie of Ben's? Sure! Why not? I haven't seen him or talked to him in a while - our lives went in two very different directions. But I always wish him the best and I always thought he was a great person. And Sean - I've run into him once or twice, with Marc, and it's always very friendly. He asks about the twins because he has twins too. Again, I always wish him the best."

On monogamy:
"I think if you're in a committed relationship, unless you have some sort of an understanding, monogamy is something that should exist. Especially in a marriage. I'm married and I feel like that's part of it because it's just the two of you against the world. When you allow other people into that sacred place it becomes a recipe for mistrust and the deterioration of the bond between you. I think people complicate their lives by doing fucked-up things."