07/04/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Wall Street Journal Staff Renews Pursuit Of Pulitzers

As much as the Murdochian high command claims not to value awards, some in the ranks question their strategy of open disdain for the journalism establishment. No staffers would speak on the record to discuss internal conversations, but off the record, they describe tension over the paper's shift to breaking news and away from groundbreaking long-form articles. "Last year, I don't know if we necessarily even deserved a Pulitzer," one senior reporter told me. Added another senior editor: "To be honest with you, the bigger issue is that the Journal's factory for megastories has been broken. That's the fundamental thing. This isn't Thomson's intent, but it's a result of their desire to make the paper into more of a general-interest newspaper. The ambitious journalism at the Journal is somewhat in disarray." In a year when the financial crisis was a major story, Journal editors believed the paper's strongest chances for a Pulitzer win were not for their business coverage but in the international category, for Iran correspondent Farnaz Fassihi's coverage of the Tehran uprising last year. Fassihi's entry didn't make it into the finalists. (On April 21, Fassihi won an Overseas Press Club award for her reporting.)

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