07/05/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Fox Refuses To Carry VoteVets Energy Independence Ad

Via Ben Smith, it seems that the internets are a-buzz today because of Fox News Channel's decision to not carry this ad from VoteVets, which "seeks to make the familiar case that climate legislation would have national security benefits by reducing the oil profits of hostile Middle Eastern states."

It is, indeed, a "familiar case." Tying our dependence on foreign oil to "regimes that do not like us very much" was a pretty standard talking point, repeated endlessly by John McCain while he was on the stump in 2008. It's also a pretty familiar refrain from VoteVets, who had previously made this argument in another well-traveled advertisement.

Fox's rationale for refusing to air this ad is that it's "too confusing," which is weird, because the ad pretty explicitly explains the argument. The remedy for the "confusion" is to watch the ad. Probably what Fox means to say is something like, "We do not support VoteVets or a clean energy bill politically," but, I suppose, that would be too honest.

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