05/11/2010 03:35 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Elena Kagan, Supreme Court Nominee, Was 'Overjoyed And Overwhelmed' When Obama Chose Her (VIDEO)

Elena Kagan reflected on her nomination to the United States Supreme Court and looked ahead to the confirmation process in an interview posted on the White House blog on Tuesday.

Kagan said she wasn't sure exactly how to react to President Obama's call informing her that she had been nominated.

"I didn't even know what to say, I was so overjoyed and overwhelmed mostly," Kagan said. "I'm not sure actually the joy has set in quite yet, but it's an extraordinary honor."

Kagan also conceded that few Americans actually understand her current role as Solicitor General. In the interview she explained exactly what it is she does at the Department of Justice.

"Some people think it's the people who put the labels on the cigarette packages, but in fact its not, that's the surgeon general," Kagan said. "The solicitor general is the person who represents the United States in the Supreme Court...Each time the court sits I'll appear in court and I'll argue, usually the most important case to the court."

In anticipation of the upcoming confirmation process, Kagan also spoke about how she would ideally like the country to view her.

"I guess I hope that the American people over the course of this process will learn that I'm an open-minded person, that I'm a fair person, that I have good judgment, that I'll faithfully apply the law and do the best I can to decide it in the right way," Kagan said.

The interview with Kagan is yet another example of how tightly the White House is attempting to control the message around Kagan's nomination. As HuffPost's Sam Stein reported on Monday, the White House press shop has already organized a war room to combat arguments leveled by Kagan opponents and pitch positive news stories on the president's nominee.

WATCH the entire interview: