05/11/2010 06:15 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Featured Doer: Chloe Sladden

Perhaps more than any other social network, Twitter is the land of influencers. You are your own channel. And media companies-- from newspapers to TV channels -- are scrambling to figure out how best to use the micro-blogging site to connect with their audiences and create new approaches to content curation (and creation).

Enter Sladden, Twitter's director of media partnerships. A veteran of Current TV, where she produced the Webby Award-winning program "Hack the Debate," in addition to "Current Twitters the Inauguration," which was described as "perhaps the most radical attempt to merge television with the Internet," Sladden works closely with MTV, CNN, HuffPost and, among others, to better integrate Twitter across media platforms.

She is one of 15 candidates for a video interview in our HuffPost Spotlight Series, presented by HP. The top five question-getters will be interviewed using your questions.

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