05/11/2010 11:48 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'War': Sebastian Junger On What Men Miss Upon Leaving The Battlefield (VIDEO)

Sebastian Junger, the author of the bestselling "Perfect Storm," has a new book out called "War," based on the time he spent with an army platoon in Afghanistan and chronicling the experiences of the men in that platoon.

Junger gets at some huge questions about war in the book, from its relation to love and to fear to why people desperately miss it when they leave the army. What it comes down to in most cases, said Junger, is brotherhood. "There are guys in the platoon who straight-up hate each other, but we'd all die for each other," one soldier told him. When they leave, they miss that brotherhood. They miss being fundamentally necessary. "That is a very very reassuring place to be," Junger said.

You can read an excerpt from "War" at the Good Morning America website.