05/12/2010 09:56 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bachelorette Jen Schefft Is Pregnant

Former 'Bachelorette' Jen Schefft is expecting her first child, Us Weekly reports.

"I was shocked. I thought it would take more time," she told Us. "I took three tests because I didn't believe it was true!"

Jen, 33, a public relations executive in Chicago, married trader Joe Waterman last May. She was engaged to Andrew Firestone on 'The Bachelor' in 2005, and after they broke up and she became the Bachelorette but rejected the proposal of a gallery director, Jerry Ferris.

In other 'Bachelorette' news, the new season starring Ali Fedotowsky starts in less than two weeks, and In Touch Weekly reports it will be dramatic:

New episodes of The Bachelorette haven't started airing yet, but there's already a lot of drama brewing. And this season -- which stars Ali Fedotowsky, who voluntarily left Jake Pavelka on The Bachelor -- the issues revolve around Canadian wrestler Justin "Rated-R" Rego. Steve Carbone of realitysteve.com exclusively tells In Touch that a plotline this season involves Justin, Ali and a phone call from Justin's girlfriend at the time, Jessica Spillas. Steve explains that while on a destination date in Turkey, Ali gets a call from an irate Jessica. "She told Ali she and Justin were dating and that she knew he went on the show to further his career," says Steve, who adds that Jessica found out Justin was cheating with a third girl! Luckily, Ali learned about Justin's ways before she let him into her heart. "Justin's athletic and put together. But he's definitely into his image and did the show for notoriety," Steve says. And it worked: "Everyone will be talking about him."