05/12/2010 10:43 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Republican National Convention 2012: Tampa Expected To Be Named Host City

The RNC is expected to announce Wednesday that they have chosen Tampa, Florida as the site of their 2012 convention, Politico reports.

The decision, which had been narrowed down to a choice between Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Tampa, has been preceded by lengthy deliberation. The RNC's site-selection board has traveled to the potential cities in the past few months, where they examined key considerations and were wooed by support committees.

"It comes down to Florida being a key targeted state in the past several elections, and it'll continue to be in future elections," a top GOP official told Politico. "There's a practical effect, in that it'll bring a lot of attention and resources to a targeted state."

Though there were significant blocks pushing for Phoenix and Salt Lake City, Republicans told Politico that concerns over the scorching summer heat and current political climate in Phoenix following the passage of a controversial immigration bill knocked it out of consideration. Salt Lake City similarly lost favor among representatives who saw it as a safe, unrewarding location due to its standing as a largely-white, conservative bastion, Republican officials reportedly said.

The location selection must pass an up-or-down ratification vote this summer before plans for the event can go forward.

The GOP convention will be held the week of Aug. 27, 2012. If Tampa is chosen as expected the convention will take place at the St. Pete Times Forum, a 21,500-seat venue in downtown Tampa.