05/12/2010 12:13 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sebastian Junger's 'Peek Into The Male Psyche' In 'War': Author Talks Military Life With Jon Stewart (VIDEO)

In "Perfect Storm" author Sebastian Junger's new book, "War," he goes frighteningly deep into the male psyche as he explores the lives of an army platoon in Afghanistan. On "The Daily Show" last night, Junger described some of the more shocking aspects of life in the platoon. In particular, Jon Stewart was horrified by the practice of "blood-ins," in which platoon members are not allowed in or out of the base without being beaten: "The only way to leave Restrepo without a beating -- a group beating -- was with a bullet in you," Junger said. He gave the practice context, though, explaining that it was a symbolic gesture to prove that the soldier's own individual interests are not as important as the group's.

The biggest aspect of life in the platoon, Junger found, was that everyone's primary concern became not to protect themselves from being killed, but to not get any of their "brothers" killed. The group becomes the most important thing in your life. "You really got to peek into the male psyche" in this kind of situation, Junger said.


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