05/13/2010 08:43 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Britain's Hot New Bromance: Cameron and Clegg

As the couple stepped out through the French windows and past trailing wisteria to the sun-flecked lawn where their guests awaited on gilded chairs, someone said in a stage whisper, "It's just like a wedding." And so it was: love -- or at any rate, amity -- hung in the scented air of the Downing Street garden as Prime Minister David Cameron and his new political paramour, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, on Wednesday held their first joint press conference since taking office. There were even anecdotes embarrassing enough to (dis)grace any best man's speech. Did Cameron regret his past answer to the question "What is your favorite joke?" a journalist asked. Cameron's riposte, amusing at the time and even more so with the benefit of hindsight, had been "Nick Clegg."

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