05/14/2010 12:00 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Bill Brady Ad: Releases Chicago's First 30-Second Spot In Governor's Race (VIDEO)

Bill Brady has launched the first volley in the Battle of Chicagoland.

The Republican candidate for governor bought a 30-second spot on Chicago broadcast and cable television, saying he would fight to keep taxes down and government small. He also portrayed himself as a "clean break" from the current unpopular government, saying he would introduce term limits to increase legislative turnover.

(Scroll down to watch the ad.)

By purchasing the ad in Chicago, Brady isn't likely hoping to win a lot of votes in the city proper. But the outlying suburban areas are much more moderate than the reliably blue city, and it is in these collar counties that the race will likely be lost or won.

With that in mind, the Brady ad is carefully messaged, steering clear of controversial social issues on which the Bloomington senator is much more conservative than most Illinoisans. Instead, it plays on widespread frustrations with high taxes and an unpopular incumbent.

That incumbent, Gov. Pat Quinn, has been noticeably slow off the blocks in the governor's race. After winning a tight primary with state comptroller Dan Hynes, Quinn went three months without a campaign manager. Only this week did he announce the hiring of Ben Nuckels, a 30-year-old currently working for the Wisconsin lieutenant governor, to head his campaign.

Facing an opponent in disarray, Brady seized the opportunity and got his message out first in Chicago. Watch the ad, and tell us how he did.

Bill Brady's Chicago ad buy: