05/19/2010 05:06 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bill Daniels's Cableland Mansion To Be Sold (PHOTOS)

Bill Daniels, the cable television and telecommunications giant, left his 19,500 square-foot dream home to the city of Denver when he died in 2000. The home, nick-named "Cableland," was intended to house the mayor and serve as a fundraising center.

After several years of discussing the idea, Mayor Hickenlooper and Linda Childears, the president and CEO of the Daniels Fund have agreed to sell the house. Proceeds from the sale will benefit the Denver Scholarship Foundation.

Cableland cost Daniels $7 million to build in 1987 and is rife with momentos. A CBS4 video from 2008 highlights squirrel condos, a sunken bar and an ice cream bar, 97 phones, and 88 televisions--including a wall of 64 TVs, each tuned to a different cable channel.

Neither current Mayor John Hickenlooper nor former Mayor Wellington Webb have actually lived there, however over $18 million has been raised at the property since 1986.

Photos of the house:

Cableland For Sale
Cableland For Sale