05/20/2010 01:25 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sarah Jessica Parker: I'm A 'Morning Joe' 'Devotee,' Joe 'Nuanced And Interesting Thinker' (VIDEO)

Sarah Jessica Parker confessed Thursday morning that she is a "devotee" of MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

The "Sex and the City" star appeared on the show to promote her new movie, but couldn't help talking politics and saying how much she loved the program.

"I have brought customers to the table," she said. "I have chastised people for not starting their day right here."

Parker also said she was surprised by how much she liked conservative Joe Scarborough.

"Really, I think what brought me to the show was how surprising you were," she told Scarborough. "I think I had an idea about your political ideology...and then over the course of my time at home with you, you have revealed yourself to be a far more nuanced and interesting thinker."

Parker also had a surprising declaration for Scarborough.

"And I watched you, I believe, fall in love with Obama," she said. "I think he surprised in the way that you surprised me."


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