Silverton Bigfoot Hunt Turns Out To Be Million-Dollar Hoax

For a photographer, the chance to win $1,000,000 for a photo is the opportunity of a lifetime. Unfortunately for Western Slopers, a widely publicized competition that promises that sum for a picture of Bigfoot appears to be a complete hoax.

As 9News reports, the competition was organized by Silverton businessman Rick Lewis. Lewis promises participants, who were charged a $250 entry fee, a million-dollar prize for anyone who captured a photo of the mythical Bigfoot creature, which-- according to conspiracy theorists' postulations--may inhabit the region.

The problem? None of the sponsors listed on the Lewis's website seemed to have any idea they were a part of the website when 9news asked them. Nor did the Kendall Mountain Resort in Silverton, which was listed as the host of the event.

Lewis has since canceled the event citing a lack of interest. It remains unclear just how much money he collected.