05/25/2010 08:15 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

ACPA-College Student Educators International MOVES Arizona Meeting

The American College Personnel Association-College Student Educators International has announced that it will move its January meeting of mid-level managers, scheduled to be in Tuscon, because of Arizona's new immigration law.

In a statement (.pdf), the group said:

S.B. 1070 may create an atmosphere that is totally contradictory to the core values of our association and profession. In addition to concerns raised, the question surfaced about our association hosting an event in any other state or country that could potentially create an atmosphere of exclusion, harassment, or an unwelcome environment for an ACPA member. This is problematic and goes against our fundamental values of inclusion.

As a result, the ACPA Governing Board has authorized the Executive Director to only seek reasonably priced venues that are known for their inclusion and perceived safety. It is paramount that our members and guests be able to attend ACPA hosted events free of constraint or intimidation. This Arizona immigration law does not appear to provide this assurance.

Headquarted in Washington, D.C., at the National Center for Higher Education, ACPA-College Student Educators International is the foremost student affairs association in the country.