05/25/2010 04:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Little Obama' Movie: Behind-The-Scenes Footage (VIDEO)

Behind-the-scenes footage of "Obama Anak Menteng," the new Indonesian film about the childhood of U.S. President Barack Obama, has surfaced online. Starring 12-year-old actor Hasan Faruq Ali in the title role, "Obama Anak Menteng" (or "Little Obama") tells the story of the President's early years in Jakarta, where he lived with his mother and Indonesian stepfather from the ages of 6 to 10.

The clips show co-director Damien Dematra hosting a series of press conferences in Indonesia, where the film is due for release June 17, as well as scenes of Hasan -- a New Mexico native who has resided in Indonesia since age 2 -- riding a bicycle with a co-star in Bandung, about 110 miles southeast of Jakarta, where the bulk of principal filming took place.

Dematra claims the movie, which is based on a fictionalized bio of the same name, steers clear of politics in order to portray the young Obama simply as a precocious adolescent. "It's about his friendships, his hobbies, just a childhood story," Dematra said, noting that Bandung was chosen to stand in for Jakarta.

The film will be the first in a planned trilogy about Obama's early life in Indonesia, with the second to focus on his education at a Catholic school and the third on his relationship with his mother.