05/25/2010 03:09 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

McCain Hits Hayworth For Being Dumb About World War Two (VIDEO)

When we last checked in on the race to win Arizona's GOP nomination for the Senate between incumbent Senator John McCain and former Congressman/radio talker J.D. Hayworth, McCain was getting roundly mocked for his "complete the danged fence" advertisement on the Morning Joe Starbucks Show. But that all changed this weekend, when Hayworth publicly insisted at a question-and-answer session with Phoenix-area voters that the United States had never declared war on Germany during World War Two.

Big mistake, as it turns out, because it allowed the McCain campaign to regain its alpha-dog status by giving it an opportunity to play to many of McCain's strengths: his ironic comedy stylings, his fondness for talking about wars and his love for old-timey newsreel footage. From there, the McCain camp produced this ad, which will turn those mockery tables pretty quickly!


On a side note, that's the second time McCain has referenced an old Radar Online post about the ten dumbest members of Congress, which wistfully reminds me of that time Radar used to be an intelligent and fun read, instead of the zombified idiot factory it is now.

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