05/25/2010 05:46 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Struggle Of The 99ers: Tell Us Your Stories!

Despite the moderate bounce-back of Wall Street in the past several months, millions of Americans are still finding themselves hit hard from the recession. Unemployment is still high and many who have worked hard and diligently for decades are finding themselves struggling to get by.

Recently, The Huffington Post has been telling stories of "the 99ers," individuals who are still looking for work after living on the complete 99 weeks of unemployment benefits. Earlier this week, HuffPost reporter Arthur Delaney explored the pending legislation which could extend unemployment benefits for the rest of 2010. But, it looks to be a long fight, and there's a significant chance that it won't pass, leaving hundreds of thousands of Americans without a paycheck in the coming months and little hope of finding a job.

At HuffPost Impact, we want to tell your story. Have you been unemployed for more than a year and have lived off unemployment for 99 weeks? Are you struggling to find a job despite strong recommendations and a history of solid employment? E-mail us at with your story and you could be featured on our front page.