05/26/2010 02:06 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Goose Island Hefeweizen Needs A Name, And You Need Free Beer

If coming up with clever names for alcoholic beverages is your thing, Goose Island Brewery has just the contest for you.

Goose Island head brewer Jared Rouben started brewing a Hefeweizen at the pub Tuesday, and is asking readers of his blog to come up with a name for the new beer. (Thanks to Gapers Block for the heads up.)

Rouben wrote Monday:

We think the best way to give this beer the name it deserves is by going to you the reader and beer lover.


I wanted to give you some background on this Hefe since you don't have the opportunity to try the beer before you name it. This German-style Hefeweizen is going to come in at around 5.5% ABV with flavor characteristics of bananas and cloves. It's brewed for summer weather so you can be sure it will be light, bright and refreshing.


Ok, so, to win this beer naming contest, all one needs to do is comment on Rouben's blog with your name and the beer's name. What's in it for you? The winner, who will be announced June 16 at a Metromix and RedEye "tweet-up" party, gets a a $50 Goose Island Clybourn gift certificate, a 4 glass pub-pack of Goose Island glasses, a t-shirt featuring the name of the Hefeweizen and bragging rights--obviously.