05/26/2010 04:58 pm ET Updated Nov 01, 2011

Heal The Bay Names California's 10 Dirtiest Beaches

Via LA Times, eco-watchdog Heal the Bay has come out with their 2009-2010 20th Annual Beach Report Card. The publication provides a thorough evaluation of the water quality and contamination levels living in some of our favorite sunny California beaches. As Angelenos we value our surf and sand time, and when Gov. Schwarzenegger slashed the water monitoring budget by $1M in 2008, locals scampered to raise funding to restore this much needed public service. Sometimes looks can be deceiving, and beach bums don't realize what they're diving into. See which beaches flunked their checkups and landed a spot on Heal the Bay's California "Beach Bummer" Locations.

(Captions via Heal the Bay)