05/26/2010 11:45 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

iPad Meets Velcro: The Best Idea Ever? (VIDEO)

In its newest iPad ad, Apple assures users "there's no right way or wrong way" to use its "magical" tablet.

iPad early-adopters didn't need reassuring. While Apple positions it as a web browser, photo viewer, video player, and eReader, iPad consumers have adapted the device for a number of creative and surprising uses, from salsa-maker to DJ setup.

Jesse Rosten has united "two of mankind's greatest inventions"--Velcro and the iPad--to make the iPad better suited for a dizzying number of applications around the house, from bathroom reader to wall art. (Some mods, like the iPad attached to the motorcycle hub, go a bit far...)

Check out the "iPad meets Velcro" video below, then see more surprising uses for the iPad (which we originally featured here).

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