05/27/2010 08:53 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Joslyn James Barely Hides Breasts In New Photo Shoot (PICTURES)

Joslyn James has participated in yet another photo shoot, and the alleged Tiger Woods mistress is leaving little to the imagination. In a tweet yesterday, James gave a sneak peak of her extremely revealing dress -- but she didn't say where the pictures would be used.

Of course, the image is far from James' only foray into revealing photo shoots -- just this month she was photographed in a bikini, and the former porn star has returned to the field and is scheduled to star in an upcoming sex film about her alleged relationship with Woods. James says the movie is based in part on the extremely graphic text messages that she claims Woods sent her.

James (PHOTOS), who says Woods twice impregnated her, has been stripping (and stripping some more) as of late, and she took the time to lash out at another alleged Tiger mistress, sultry VIP hostess Rachel Uchitel.

Scroll down to see the picture from her upcoming photo shoot, as well as other recent pictures she has tweeted.

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