05/27/2010 06:30 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Ted Haggard Schedules 'Surprising Announcement' For Next Week

In a press release Thursday,Ted Haggard's spokesman said the disgraced former pastor has a "surprising announcement" to make on Wednesday, June 2.

Haggard, once one of the most prominent figures in the conservative Christian movement when he was the head of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, fell from grace after it was discovered that he had solicited sex and bought crystal meth from a male prostitute.

Haggard was excommunicated from the church, but recently began hosting prayer services at his home in Colorado Springs. The controversial pastor incorporated a new church, the St. James, in April, prompting rumors that he was starting a new congregation. At the time, Haggard promised that the formal incorporation of a church was simply a means of balancing his finances, although he left open the possibility that the St. James would someday become a full ministry.