06/01/2010 10:48 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Dennis Manzo, President Of Kaplan College, Fired Over English-Only Flap

Dennis Manzo, the president of Kaplan College in Chula Vista, CA, has been fired regarding his response to a classroom situation in which students were instructed not to speak Spanish, the Chronicle of Higher Education reports.

More details have emerged about the controversial case, during which Kaplan instructor Patricia Dussett told a student that school rules forbade speaking Spanish in class. The student's aunt, Leticia Maldonado, complained to the school and then flew to campus to discuss the issue with officials.

According to the Chronicle, Manzo at first told Maldonado that "he wanted to make sure that students were held to the highest levels of professionalism and that having a side conversation in Spanish was unprofessional."

Officials apologized to Maldonado and dismissed Manzo, who had been president of the campus since December.

A spokesman for Kaplan told the Chronicle that the school and Manzo "agreed it would be best if [they] parted ways."