06/02/2010 06:20 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Wildwood Casino: $11 Million Jackpot Actually Worth $1,600

In late March, a woman at Fortune Valley Casino discovered her $43 million jackpot was actually only worth $20.18. An investigation conducted by the Division of Gaming discovered that a software glitch in the "progressive gaming" machine displayed the sum in error.

Lightning, it seems, has struck twice in Colorado.

On June 1, a slot machine at Cripple Creek's Wildwood Casino malfunctioned. Colorado Springs resident Mary McMahon was led to believe she hit the jackpot--a sum of $11,000,600. In reality, the machine's jackpot was only $1,627.82. The 25-cent slot machine is currently under investigation by the Colorado Division of Gaming.

The highest jackpot Wildwood has paid is $10,000.50