08/04/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Jane Norton, Ken Buck Trade Shots On Alleged Campaign Finance Violation

Republican U.S. Senate candidates Ken Buck and Jane Norton have been trading punches on Denver's Caplis and Silverman talk radio show this week. The recent back and forth is the most heated exchange yet to pass between the two in a race that grows hotter by the day.

Norton, who was lieutenant governor under Bill Owens and who has family ties to the highest ranks of the nation's corporate-D.C. lobbying community and whose candidacy received early backing of the national Republican party, seems determined to paint Weld County D.A. and grassroots favorite Buck as a corrupt politics insider. This week she has embraced a complaint filed with the Federal Elections Commission by a former Owens administration official that alleges Buck colluded with former employer Jerry Morgensen, CEO of Hensel Philips, to skirt campaign finance rules.

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