06/04/2010 08:20 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Jobless California Grads Head Overseas

Degreed and jobless, some recent graduates are circumventing America's employment market by heading overseas.

The Sacramento Bee identified the trend in California, where unemployment hovers at 12.6 percent. Evidence of a graduate exodus ranges from increased Peace Corps participation to personal stories, like that of UC Davis senior Jackie Hong:

"I was looking for a full-time job here [in California], but I didn't hear from the places I applied to," said [Hong]. "So I started thinking, 'What are the other options I have?' "

Her answer: Move to South Korea for a year to teach English in that country's public schools.

South Korea happens to be a popular destination for graduates, since the government will pay native English speakers around $1,700 a month to teach the language to the country's students.

UC Berkeley Career Center Director Tom Devlin told the Bee that fewer students are opting for graduate school because of its price and and debated worth. He said more students are seeking short-term jobs or programs that "really capture their passion and enhance their portfolio for moving on to their second position."

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