06/06/2010 02:48 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

LA's Losers Of The Week, June 4

A round-up of the weeks big losers. Click here to see the winners.
Chris Kelly: While privacy concerns regarding Facebook continue to mount, this Attorney General candidate has had difficulties distancing himself from his role as chief privacy officer at the social networking site. Rival Kamala Harris has wasted no time taking advantage of this in a scathing series of ads, voters will decide on Tuesday how important an issue this is to them.

Jeffrey Katzenberg: It's bad enough for the Dreamworks Animation head that the latest installment in the heretofore reliable Shrek franchise proved to be box office poison, but this week it was revealed that a popular promotional tie-in was poisonous in a more literal sense. 12 Million McDonalds Shrek glasses were found to contain traces of the carcinogen cadmium, resulting in a nationwide recall.

Bruce Beresford-Redman: Nobody knows how he got back into the US without his passport, but if the Mexican authorities have any say in the matter, he won't be here long. Extradition proceedings have begun for the "Survivor" producer accused of killing his wife at a swanky Cancun resort.

Batman: You know its bad out there when the caped crusader is dragged away by cops in broad daylight for pan handling. Batman was but the latest victim in the LAPD's crackdown on costumed performers outside of the Hollywood and Highland complex.