06/06/2010 11:58 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Ozzy Osbourne Named Health Advice Columnist For The London Times

As you can imagine, when The Sunday Times Magazine asked me to be its new health-advice columnist -- Dr Ozzy, as I'll be known from now on -- I thought they were taking the piss, to be honest with you. But then I thought about it for a while, and it makes perfect sense: I've seen literally thousands of doctors over my lifetime, and spent well over £1m on them, to the point where I sometimes think I know more about being a doctor than doctors do.

And it's not just because of the lifestyle I've pursued. I also happen to be the world's worst hypochondriac. I'll catch a disease off the telly, me. Being ill is like a hobby. I've even started to diagnose my own diseases, thanks to Google (or I should say thanks to my assistant Tony, because I'm not exactly Steve Jobs when it comes to computers).

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