06/07/2010 11:56 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Colorado Adults Head Back To School For Second Bachelor's

Daniel Kiraly, 56, has dubbed himself a "re-freshman." Laid off from multiple engineering positions, the 1986 University of Colorado graduate has returned to the place where he earned his first bachelor's degree to get another one.

Kiraly is not alone. According to the Colorado Daily, the University of Colorado is a "haven" for adults who've found themselves out-of-work or in need of a career change:

Beginning in 2008, when the economy slumped, the number of degree-seeking adults began ticking upward at CU. In fall 2009, there were 1,947 students on the flagship campus who fit into the 25-to-30 age bracket, a 14 percent increase over two years that outpaced overall enrollment growth. This past school year, CU enrolled another 676 students who are 31 or older.

The Daily also reports that enrollment at Colorado community colleges has increased 20 percent since the recession began. Colleges are accommodating the additional students as best they can, with temporary classrooms in trailers and offices.

Kiraly plans to earn his second degree in "International Spanish for the Profession" and go on to get a master's degree in International Relations. He's scheduled to graduate in May 2011.

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