06/07/2010 09:05 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Dave Reichert Needs To 'Rebuild His Credibility,' Hometown Paper Says

Dave Reichert's hometown paper, which endorsed him in previous elections, has called him out for apparently telling his audience what he thinks they want to hear.

The Seattle Times has lauded Reichert's "conscience-driven independent streak" in past election cycles, but the paper's editorial board wrote in Monday's edition that his "cynicism is showing" and suggested he "rebuild his credibility."

Speaking in front of a group of Republicans in Washington state last month, Reichert said he used environmental votes as "moves, chess pieces, strategies" and sometimes voted against his conscience to keep his swing district.

That's not what he told The Times in an interview last week.

"What I wish I would have said..." Reichert told the Times, "is that first of all, my record speaks for itself. Do I really believe what I am voting for? The answer is yes... All you have to do is look at my voting record. I have been a staunch supporter of protecting the environment."

It isn't the first time he's tailored his message. After calling the effort to repeal health care reform nothing but "a political move" on KIRO radio in Seattle, Reichert flew back to D.C. and signed on as a cosponsor of the GOP's bill to repeal health care reform.

The Times editorial suggested Reichert, who was narrowly reelected in 2008, do a better job of explaining himself, lest his constituents decide to flip-flop on him.

Calls made to Reichert's Seattle-based office were not immediately returned.