06/08/2010 02:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Fabrice Fabrice Smooches The Stars At The MTV Movie Awards (VIDEO)

You may or may not know Nick Kroll's hilariously flamboyant character Fabrice Fabrice, craft services provider for the "award winning" TV show "That's So Raven!" But either way you're in for a treat. Last weekend Fabrice Fabrice crashed the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards and got some serious face time with all the celebs. And by "face time," we mean he literally got in their faces, enough to even get a smooch from Jason Segel, Russell Brand, and Ken Jeong. Watch as Fabrice Fabrice harasses iCarly, sucks up to Jaden Smith, and brings the sass like only Fabrice Fabrice can.